school kidsStudents of all ages have a world of knowledge that is well within their reach if they attend one of the top schools in Washington. It is because of a program, the WLS Destiny, which is a money saver for schools who want to provide more to their students. If your school district is not already involved with the WLS, parents need to ask why because it mostly helps schools save big on computers or tablets for their school.

Why Washington Schools Are Best

students studyingAs a parent, you have kids in school. You want the best for your children and all others that you know. In Washington, it is easy and it really does not matter where you are located. Even kids from lower income districts can still enjoy learning success and fun if the school chooses to be a part of the WLS Destiny program. It is available because all kids deserve it, especially those who may have a curious mind, but not the ability to focus on a teacher’s lectures. The WLS makes it possible for Washington schools to be a step above all other schools.


students with computersSchools are not very profitable, but there are teachers that must be paid and supplies that need to be purchased. The supplies can put a damper on a school’s financial stability unless they are able to find discounts. The WLS helps with discounts to schools that purchase certain things through them so that the school can afford more than ever before. It is something that benefits the school, the teachers, and the students in more ways than most parents can imagine it will.



students learnLearning is very important to the future success of our children. For that reason, the Washington Learning Source Destiny was created. It is a program that ensures all of the children in Washington have equality in their education. It is a program that provides products and services that will meet the needs of everyone in the school system.

The Beginning

students with technologyThis program has been in effect for many years and has continued to provide services to school districts that need them the most. This is done through resources from several regional programs and the overall goal is to provide services that can economically benefit the schools so that they can provide the quality of education that will make the most difference for students.

What It Does for Students

students learningStudents of all ages are able to benefit from the financial resources that are made possible. These improvements may include more textbooks or computers for a school, more teachers, or more buses. It is whatever a particular school needs to maintain the level of education that students and parents expect. It is free for new memberships and allows schools to purchase products at lower prices than they could normally find them. It also enables schools to find new resources and tools that will improve their ability to teach. What could be better?


The Ultimate School Trip

butterfly gardenChildren love to learn and they have a more successful learning experience when they can take a “hands-on” approach to it. For this reason, schools have always taken children on trips throughout the year. Some of them may be for more fun than learning if it is a reward of some sort for doing things well throughout the year. Others, though, are to provide them with something that is both fun and educational. Ideally, it will tie in with a lesson that they are learning at the time because that will make it the ultimate school trip for all students.

What Can Be Learned from a Field Trip?

Police station field tripThe learning experience that can be gained from a field trip is unimaginable. Most all destinations can teach a child science, art, language, math, and other subjects. The educational value will depend on where you are going on the field trip. For instance, if you take a trip to a butterfly garden, you will learn about nature and plants. This is a great science lesson for most elementary aged children. Whereas a trip to an art museum may be better suited to older students who are taking art and can appreciate the things they see.

Popular Field Trip Destinations

Butterfly gardens and museums of all types are great places to visit for schools, but it doesn’t have to end with those two places. A recycling center, the zoo, an aquarium, a planetarium, and other similar places are very popular. Many teachers like to take young students to fire stations and police stations to talk about careers and community helpers. They may also take a trip to a farm to learn about produce or animals.

There may also be times that a school will visit an area just because it is local to their area. For instance, a school that is located along the coast may take a field trip to a pier or the beach to learn about different types of fish or wildlife that may be found there. If you live in Florida, you may take a trip to a place like the Crystal River State Archaeological Site, where kids can learn about fossils and how to dig for unique treasures to see what they can find. In an area where people use to go mining for gold, this can also be a field trip that the school takes since students can learn about mining and history.

Parents Can Plan Trips Also

fossil field tripsAs a parent, you can take advantage of many of the same field trips, even without the school. It can still be a great learning experience for your child. Even if you cannot venture to field trip destinations, the ultimate field trip may be a trip to a local river where you talk to your child about the fish, rocks, tide changes, or anything else that applies to that river, or that area. You could even talk about the Indians that used to call that area home and how they traveled on canoes through that river if it applies to that area. With a little creativity, learning can happen anywhere. Where you will go with your child and what will you teach them about?