Comfort in Kindergarten & Nursery School

Kinder MatWhen kids go to school, parents often worry that they will not be comfortable enough, especially those parents who are enrolling preschoolers into their first school. Nap times are often the most uncomfortable times because, in the past, kids have been required to lay on thin mats that are scattered around randomly. Isn’t it good to know that comfort in kindergarten and nursery school are both improving?

Schools and Napping

preschool napsChildren who are well rested are more able to learn. They are less cranky. They are better behaved. The list may go on and on. There are just so many benefits to having well rested children who get enough sleep each night and during the day. There are also a few cons as well. Often, kids lay down but they are unable to get comfortable enough for a short nap when they are at school. This can make them even more cranky and it can make it so that they do not learn as well as they would under normal circumstances. It can make them feel groggier instead of better. It can mean that the teacher does not get a break that they want and it may make them feel cranky themselves.

How Schools Are Helping

Preschools and nursery schools are both working to encourage better naps for all kids. Smaller children and toddlers have access to round baby cribs. They have good sized mattresses with a couple inches of padding to ensure their total comfort.

Kindergartens are not able to have cribs for comfort, but they are using thicker carpets in areas where naps are taken. This means there is more padding on the floors under the kinder mats. It ensures they get the relaxation that they need and then when they come home, they have learned the things that they should have during the day and you will have a happy child at home.

Parents Can Also Relax

nappingParents spend a lot of time worrying about a lot of things. How comfortable kids are when they are at school, should not have to be one of them. Taking care of kids at home is easy compared to what teachers have to deal with when they have a class full. Take a break and feel confident that teachers have it under control. They have everything that they need to ensure that your kids are safe and now they are also making them very comfortable. They can get one of the two recommended naps that they should have each day. This will ensure that they do not fall asleep on the bus on the way home and it will ensure that when they get home, you will have no issues trying to get them to talk about their day, show you what they learned, and more. What more could you hope for?